Welcome To TSen Dojo

At TSen Dojo we believe that martial arts training is for everyone. We provide training for children as young as 4 years of age and adults of all ages. TSen Dojo was founded by Sensei Terry Young, whose martial arts career began as a college student. Sensei Young took a long hiatus from the martial arts following college but renewed his training in the early 90’s. Since that time, Sensei Young has taught hundreds of children and adults traditional Okinawan Karate and he’s personally continued his training but studying the arts of Aikido, Jiu jitsu and Kick Boxing.

Sensei Young believes that martial arts training is much more than punching and kicking and so he’s adopted a motto of “Teaching Life Arts, No Just Martial Arts”. The underlying meaning being that he challenges his students to be successful in everything they do inside and out side of the dojo.

Some might wonder why Sensei Young has decided to start of virtual dojo. It’s simple if you build it they will come. Sensei Young expects to attract students from around the world, and recognizes that it not convenient for everyone to physically join a dojo or find a good quality dojo in their neighborhood.

So, welcome aboard and enjoy the trainings.

TSen Dojo is located at:

The Connection
4321 S. Cottage Grove Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653

Sensei Terry Young

About Sensei Terry Young

Founder and owner of TSen Dojo of Chicago, IL. Terry Sensei as he is called by many of his students and friends is a Master instructor of traditional Okinawan Karate, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Kettlebell Teacher.
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